In 1984 he began to realize the idea of forming a special unit from the bosom of the body guard of infantry. A Plan of training and requirements was developed to select staff who meet the appropriate conditions to integrate the unit. After a year of work and arduous training in Buenos Aires, was presented on February 23, 1985 e. T. E. R., recommended special tactics team. It was created with the aim of providing custody and security to dignitaries, search and rescue of missing persons, wreck removal of bodies and elements of the water, break-ins in high risk and rapid resolution, release of hostage-taking and kidnapping people.
From then on. the staff of the E. T. E. R., participated in the search and rescue of people lost in the rugged geography of our province, being numerous cases, always under adverse conditions, by the steep terrain and the harshness of the climate (Champaquí, Uritorco, Los Gigantes, Quebrada del Condorito, etc.).
In the same way it operated in search and turnaround of bodies of drowning or related to criminal acts, diverse and complicated mirrors of water, such as the Laguna Mar Chiquita, lakes, dams and rivers of Córdoba.

Perhaps more activity involves since its creation until the present time the Department E. T. E. R., are the raids, which are carried out in collaboration with the various research departments of our police seeking armed detention of dangerous offenders related to abductions, killings, assaults, drug trafficking, theft, scams.
On 6 January 1992, produced the unfortunate barrage that hit the village of San Carlos Minas; E. T. E. R. played various tasks, from the safety of the population, cleaning of buildings of public institutions (schools, police, municipality), search for bodies buried by mud or swept away by the water.
On November 3, 1995, is triggered the explosion in the material factory military River third series; E. T. E. R., and explosives Brigade, are appointed to the search for, removal and transfer of projectiles, scattered among the rubble of the most affected area; accounting for 25,000 units. that later were transferred and detonated on the grounds of San José de la Quintana. For this performance was distinguished staff of the E. T. E. R. "Gold medals", prize awarded by the Government of the province to police personnel for outstanding acts of service.

Similar groups:

In 1998, occurs the violent takeover of the brewery Cordoba; After 105 days of occupation, and result in a conflict of international legal certainty, E. T. E. R., after planning and organization of the operation, which today is reason for study and example of tactics units in the world, managed to recover the factory, without a single shot, taking by storm the facilities in just 4 minutes. This same year part a Commission of men of the E. T. E. R. to collaborate with the f. B. I. in search of Silvina Pelosso in Yosemite Park, State of California, USA.

In 2000, moved to the E. T. E. R., to its current location of Mariano Moreno Street. Increases the provision of armament, mobile and materials for the best performance of function, while intensifying the basic courses teaching the incorporation of personnel.
In 2003 the E. T. E. R. is high in their institutional level reaching the rank of Department. It participates actively in the resolution of distressing cases of kidnappings for ransom that occur in our province, in conjunction with the anti-kidnapping Brigade of the police of Córdoba.
In February 2005 the prison prison mutiny of Barrio San Martin is fired, in this event are wounded two effective Department. In August, with the participation of other law enforcement agencies, the recapture of the dangerous offender Martin gets "the Buenos Aires Luzi" in the province of La Rioja, thanks to an operation that was not anyone injured.
In addition were custody and security to great personalities, such as to Pope Juan Pablo II, Prince Felipe de Borbón, to the Akishino Japan princes, Presidents of other countries such as France and Germany, former President of Israel Shimón Péres; We worked jointly with the GEOF group of the Federal Police of Argentina in the great operation mounted in the recent Summit of Presidents of the Mercosur, attended by seven Presidents of Latin American countries, such as Fidel Castro for example.
Since 2000 works officially the "special training center E. T. E. R." having taught courses shooter police custody of personalities, drivers custodians, technical law enforcement of immediate reduction, technical safety and survival police management and Manager